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Monday, December 26, 2011


There is no other word in the English language that holds the same meaning as Serendipity. defines it as "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident or good fortune; luck." Today, the day after Christmas, a day I would normally never venture out on, I went to the mall with my daughter, Rachel, her husband Noah and our two grandchildren. I'm not all that into shopping and am definitely not a coupon clipper but usually when shopping around the holidays, I do try to remember to grab the more valuable coupons if I know I will be venturing into those stores.

This time, I was distracted and forgot. When I got to Khols to spend a gift card I had been given I arrived without coupons in tow. After sifting through the few choices remaining in athletic shoes in my size and price range, and listening to an extremely annoying 5 year old whine and growl (yes, growl) at her mother for making her stay in the shopping cart because she would not stop wandering, and then standing in line and being bumped not once but twice by some woman who was oblivious to the sharp pain she caused in my heel, another lady slipped behind me into to what looked like it might be a slow moving line. We both groaned when we saw the line's lenght of the line....and then struck up a friendly, although, short conversation.
Serendipity...the line moved rather quickly.

This same woman asked me if I had a coupon. When I said I hadn't thought of grabbing any, she offered to share hers. So as I got to the check out, I had the nice serendipity surprise of getting 15% off which meant that my $50 purchase whittled down a considerable amount, enough to leave about $9 left on my gift card. What a nice surprise. Then, to top things off my daughter and her husband decided to treat me to lunch. ignites in you a sense of wonder and opens your mind to believe in small miracles...To me, so much more than just good fortune.

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