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Monday, January 9, 2012

Taking in a Renter and Other Money Saving Tips

In between all the other plates I spin from, art, entreprenuership, ministry and writing I sometimes find the time to write up short articles. I've discovered the wonders of Dollar Stretcher magazine which has both a print and online version. The magazine has all kinds of money saving tips, and since my husband is in the ministry and we run a non-profit coffee shop for no salary at present, we are always on the lookout for money saving ideas.

My article "Taking in a Renter" appears in the print version of Dollar Stretcher, Volume 15, Issue 1. The January 2012 edition. We have just accepted our third renter for the downstairs portion of our house. And she seems like she's going to be a good one. But it's been a learning process as we haven't always been this fortunate. I touch on this in my article.

You might want to check out dollar stretcher at You'll find tips on just about every aspect of saving money...from decorating to car maintenance and more. And of courses, there's always my article on "Taking in a Renter."

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