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Monday, February 13, 2012

How Many Times Does a Book Change Hands?

My new book the  Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father is now available on Kindle and the Nook as well as in printed format.  With the growing popularity of electronic reading devices, more and more books are being published in electronic format. It's cheaper to produce and for readers to buy. But the downside is that you can't pass the book on to someone.  Though I believe Kindle may have some sort of lending feature. Does anyone know about this?

Think about it. A hard copy book gets multiple reads. You have the person who bought it new who either keeps it or sells it or gives it away. Then you have the used book reader who reads it and does the same thing. It may pass through multiple hands until it eventually gets too dated for anyone to want to read it or it falls apart and has to be destroyed.  Think of how many people writers influence just through one book or article. Incredible, don't you think?

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