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Friday, March 16, 2012

Confession, I Stole Somebody's "Buggy"

Boy, do I feel stupid. It's definitely Friday. I stopped by WalMart to pickup some groceries after dropping my sick printer off for repair elsewhere. WalMart was kinda on the way home. I was making pretty good progress filling up my cart until I decided to call Jeff and ask him if we needed Trisket (how do you spell that) crackers. I must have grabbed the wrong shopping cart as I was winding my way through the store. While I was talking with Jeff some lady came chasing after me. "Ma'm, Ma'm, I think you have my buggy."

A few years ago I would have been clueless as to what a buggy was but having lived back in NC for about three years now I know know that a buggy here is a shopping cart elsewhere. Yes, I know, it still sounds really weird. Can you say, "b-uuu-geee?" Apparently she had also put a loaf of bread in her top basket and I was busy thinking of a zillion other things like I always am--just ask Jeff. It looked right to me. I apologized profusely to the woman and sheepishly picked out the additional groceries I had added to her cart, and then head by to the cereal aisle. I found my forlorn cart waiting for me right where I left it.

I shame-facedly have to admit that I have actually done this one before, many moons ago. Sheesh. Is this the beginning of the end? Are they going to half to put me away? See, that's what happens when they take away a writer's printer. We get very disoriented.

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