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Monday, April 23, 2012

Google, Are You Kidding? Futuristic Glasses Worse Than Texting While Driving

I hear that Google has an idea in the works for experimental hi-tech glasses that can do it all. They sound like something right out of Star Trek or James Bond. Here are some of the proposed features:

  • While wearing a pair you can see all the directions to your destination right before you eyes.
  • You can video chat with friends
  • You can shop on line

In a word, the glasses can mimic what you can already do on a smart phone or tablet which are getting more sophisticated all the time.  Very cool idea and it's hands free.But if these things ever actually hit the market, can you imagine the problems they will unleash?

My husband does sports officiating and on several occasions has ridden with a guy who texts while he drives. What's worse is he doesn't do it well and is all over the road. It has to be bad for Jeff to complain. Who of us who texts can't admit being side-tracked at least once with texting while walking or driving, until we maybe decided this wasn't a very brilliant idea. Some of us are still doing it, which isn't making me feel safer on the road.

Like it or not, technology is here to stay and if you don't want to go the way of the dinosaur you need to  scramble to keep up with the latest developments. But sometimes it gets more than a little scary.

Give me your input. Do you think these glasses will ever hit the public arena?

Have you had any experiences with someone annoying you or putting you in danger because they are distracted by technology?


  1. Now people will be looking at each other straight in the eye while they are carrying on conversation with someone a few thousand miles away. "Huh? What was your question again?"

  2. Imagine the confusion. Warning, warning, Will Robinson.

  3. as they may have a use in parties and maybe in the military ---- there there is enough dangerous toys on the road .... Look Mom hands free - CRASH ------ please reply to my unit in the ICU.........

  4. On target David. My thoughts exactly. I just had a cousin killed while stopped at a light on his motorcycle. Rumor is the 16 year old who ran into him was texting.