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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Author Interview with Lisa Mills

Today I'm privileged to have author Lisa Mill as a guest on Nearly Brilliant. Lisa and I couldn't help but notice that her most recent book Pearls and mine The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father both have Treasure and Gemstone Themes. 

Hope you enjoy the interview. 

Q:  What motivated you to write this book?
An editor at a major publishing house had reviewed a manuscript I sent her for a historical novel. In her response letter, she told me they weren't buying historical at the time, however, she liked my writing and my professionalism. She asked if I had any contemporary manuscripts. I didn't, but I knew I could write one. So I did.
Q:  Tell us a little more about your book.
When I set out to write a contemporary novel, I was in the mood for an exotic setting. So, I did what all "normal" people do—I sat down and read through the encyclopedia. After much research and a slight case of eyestrain, I came across the entry for Venezuela. The history of the country fascinated me. The Spanish discovered rich pearl beds off the coast of Venezuela in the early 1500's. They immediately began to harvest the pearls, enslaving the native population to do the work, but the natives suffered greatly for the Spaniards' greed. The pearls harvested eventually totaled 40% of the world's wealth at the time, so there was a LOT at stake.

As I tried to imagine the natives plight and see the events through the eyes of a Spanish sailor, the story captured my imagination. Surely there was a Spaniard among the fleet who had a conscience, someone who was sickened by the cruelty and injustice the natives were suffering, someone who wanted to do something about it. And with all those pearls, how could you not have a treasure story involved?  And so, two stories were born. The historical account is told in journal entries through the perspective of a Spanish sailor. The contemporary story follows Isabel as she receives her ancestor's journal and begins to translate it only to find herself pulled into a treasure hunt and smack-dab in the middle of dangerous intrigue.

Q:  What audience did you have in mind when you wrote the book?
I write every book for myself. I write what I would want to read, something that holds my interest and keeps me on the edge of my keyboard. I try to find topics and subject material that I feel passionate about. I find that if an author is passionate about the story, the readers usually feel the same.

Q:  What is the exact book title and where can people purchase it?

The name of the book is "Pearls" and it is available in print and Kindle formats through Amazon. And FYI, you don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books. [I just learned this--remarks Teena] Amazon provides apps for your computer, iPod, and smart phones, so you can read on any number of devices. For me, this has become a great option because there are so many low-priced or free books available in electronic format. I get more for less. Here's where you can download "Pearls" on


Q:  What encouragement can you give to other writers or others hoping to get published?
*Hone your craft. A well-told story and edited manuscript is your best sales tool.
*Be persistent and patient. The writing profession requires long-term commitments and projects that may last years. Learn to take it one step at a time.
*Learn to market. Writing is barely half the battle. Once you get a book in print, there's the monumental task of letting the world know it's there.
*Have fun! Hold on to the joy you feel when you create. It will sustain you through some tough times.

Q:  Tell us a little about your hobbies.

When I'm not writing, I'm usually crocheting. I learned to crochet when I was eight years old from a saint-of-a-woman who taught my Bible School group some crochet basics for our craft that year. I took to the hook and have been crocheting ever since. My friends and family usually get a crocheted Lisa Mills original goodie for birthdays and Christmas. And recently, I've begun writing down my patterns and making them available for sale. Here's a link to my crochet site if you'd like to have a look:

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to join you here on your blog, Teena! I have really enjoyed meeting you and sharing our work.

  2. Great to meet you too, Lisa. Hope all goes well with your new book.