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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sound Off: Will Social Networking Usher in the Demise of Good Writing?

With so much pressure on writers to promote themselves on FaceBook, Twitter, blogs and other social media and with so many technological distractions lobbying for our attention, frankly, I don't see how writers are able to do what they love most--write. Don't get me wrong, I think social media is very valuable, but it can also be very addicting and very life sucking. This is what I am experiencing now as I try to promote the books I've published recently while polishing ones in progress. Exactly when, I wonder, am I actually supposed to be able to get back into the enjoyable, creative aspect of writing?

Writer wannabes often idealize the writing life because it looks so glamorous, but I can tell you, that much of it is just plain hard work. If you want to be published these days, just writing a creative story isn't enough. I'd say that 75% of the process now involves marketing. As I am trying to juggle both freelance writing and freelance business (primarily in the handmade art realm), I find it pretty draining. Just how are other authors doing it? Better yet, do they enjoy doing it? I can think of one particularly prolific author who is on FaceBook constantly announcing where she is speaking and what book has come out. After a while it seems as if the announcements fall on deaf ears. With so many people touting their books and talent via social media, is anyone really paying attention in such a social media saturated market?

I invite others to give me their take. How are you feeling about writing these days? If you are published, how are you balancing writing with marketing?

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