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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Spanish Word a Week--My Self-Improvement Goal.

In high school I learned basic French. Although French isn't something I have needed to use frequently, it has come in handy from time to time -- mostly while reading books. Spanish seems to be the secondary language most in demand in America since there are more and more Spanish speaking people in our country. I have wanted to learn Spanish for some time because it seems like I would actually be able to use it. So when I stumbled across a Spanish/English dictionary in a thrift store for 50 cents I decided to purchase it. My goal is to learn one Spanish word a week. That sounds manageable. So I use a highlighter to color the word in my dictionary (so I remember I've already focused on that word) and will post the word and its meaning on my blog.

If any of you have a Spanish word and meaning you'd like to share as a word of the week, feel free to send it to me.

The word for this week is lindo, which means pretty.


  1. Hey Teena, this sounds like worthwhile self-improvement! I studied a bit French, German, and Spanish in high school, but have forgotten most of it. Learning some Spanish would be helpful, since we have many migrant workers coming into our local foodbank who don't speak much English. Once I made the mistake of asking a woman and her friend if they wanted "jueves"(Thursdays) instead of "huevos" (eggs). Needless to say, they had good laugh at my expense. :-}

  2. That's funny. Last night we ate at a Mexican restaurant and the waiter and I have fun talking about words that mean pretty. Bonita means pretty or beautiful too. Will I get these words to stick? Hard to say.