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Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review -- Night Dreams by Kimberly Payne

Dreams are poignant and mystical, a mixture of absurdities and realities.  They often leave us thirsty for an interpretation. Are they merely wild fantasies or is there a deeper message?

In her book, Night Stories,  author  Kimberly Payne fearlessly tackles the subject of dreams.  She prefaces her book by referencing multiple accounts in the Bible which held significance for the dreamer. God can and does speak to us through dreams.

A gifted inspirational writer with a simple and clean style, she vividly retells eight dreams she had and incorporates them into short lessons. Payne also has an excellent memory for details and she adeptly pulls her memories apart to find each dream's deeper meaning.

Best described as an inspirational book, each dream in this book holds a lesson of wisdom which can be treasured and applied to one's life and is capped off with a scripture verse.

The beauty in this book is in its brevity and simplicity. It's a quick read that packs a punch.

The book is available only as an ebook.  Here's the amazon link

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