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Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review, Out of Darkness

At the heart of this story is a mega church started with sincere
intentions by a humble pastor named David Padgett who wanted to reach
a lost world for Christ. Desperate to succeed, he goes to a successful
motivational speaker who helps him realize his dream. But the original
vision becomes skewed by success and his family is being pulled down
by the undertow of a world of affluence and power.

What took years to build, unravels overnight and dark actions are
covered up to create a nightmare of despair for Padgett who
is sucked into the vortex. Bravo to author Darrell Case who, just when we
think things can’t get any worse, shows us they can. Case conveys a
powerful spiritual message of what it means to resist the world and
stay true to an original calling.

Anyone who has been troubled by the corruption and worldliness in
large ministries will identify with the message. A suspenseful read.
Darrell Case does a good job heating up the intrigue and mystery.

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