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Thursday, November 15, 2012

God Can Make Beautiful Things Out of Broken Messes

Trash to treasure continue to be the recurring theme in my writing, ministry, and art. It seems to be a lesson I am destined to learn over and over. Lately I've been working a lot with broken glass and as I break, shape, and polish the broken pieces, I cannot help but think of how God picks up pieces of our broken messes and makes something amazingly valuable and beautiful from them.

My husband, Jeff and I oversee an innovative coffee shop ministry called Java Journey. We minister to a lot of people in recovery. For people to truly go through transformation in recovery, a person must hit bottom and realize they need to allow God to have control over their lives. However, this attempt at living a new life often suffers setback. Relapses come with recovery and there are usually plenty of them. It can be messy.

This past month I have struggled with my own personality quirks and brokenness. The biggest frustration for me is getting off on tangents or excited about a creative opportunity. I lose focus and wind up with way too many irons in the fire and then I do nothing well. A friend of ours calls this condition ADOS, Attention Deficit--Oh,Shiny! Maybe you can relate.In recovery the personality and weaknesses you personally have to deal with is called your stuff. So these quirks and ADOS challenges are part of my stuff.

The wonderful thing about having a relationship with Christ is that now matter how broken we are or how much we seem to mess up or struggle, we can never be so broken that God can't continue to do a new work in us. We just have to allow him to dust us off, bandage our scrapes, and start anew. God will continue to work on defining and refining us until we are the beautiful gemstone we are meant to be.


Teena Stewart is author of The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father a book that explores how to have an intimate relationship with God so that we become the beautiful treasure he knows us to be.

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