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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review, Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven

J. Steve Miller has made a comprehensive and thorough study on near death experiences. The book references many accounts of those who have been temporarily dead and what they have seen while in that state. But what lends the highest credibility to the work are the accounts of those in the medical profession who have told accounts of patients. These are not hysterical people but those who would be seen by those who know them as normal and respectable thereby carrying more weight.

The author has accurately called it a brief study, and indeed, it is just 6 chapters with multiple appendixes but he has represented the length honestly and has done a thorough job. Throughout you will find excellent writing and documentation that is in simple layman’s language. Where other studies documented in such a way might become cumbersome, this book held my interest and helped sway me, a skeptic to see the plausibility of near death experiences.

I especially appreciated his convincing and logical arguments about common themes in most accounts of near death experiences which he tackles on a point by point and how he ties them in to the existence of God and spiritual beings. If you have any interest in this topic and are yet undecided, I highly recommend this book. I doubt you will find a better one on this subject anywhere. Here's the Amazon Link.

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