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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Treasure Seeker Book Launch. Buy Jan 8 & Get Free Gifts. Pearl Necklace Prizes & More!

Teena Stewart is an author and artist whose work reflects the spiritual message of being broken and yet valuable in God’s eyes—a message incorporated in her book The Treasure Seeker: Finding Value and Love in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father (Wine Press). When she isn’t creating up-cycled treasure (artwork and jewelry) from discarded and found objects, she is writing articles and books or leading ministry for Java Journey, an innovative coffee shop ministry in Hickory, NC.

Teena understands firsthand what it means to go from something of seemingly little value to a beautiful and valuable treasure in God’s eyes.

Q:  What motivated you to write this book?
A:  I have always been fascinated with stories of lost treasure. I am also an artist and for years have worked with recycled and discarded objects. The idea for the book developed over time as I read various treasure stories, including the ones in the Bible dealing with lost treasure, and as an artist began working with broken and discarded items making them into something valuable and beautiful. It is very much what God does with us…seeking out the lost, broken and discarded and making it into something truly valuable. 

Q:  Tell us a little more about your book
A:  I weave treasure stories I have collected throughout the book. The first part of the book covers the concept of mutual searching and finding between us searching for the greatest treasure--a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father--and His quest to enter into a close relationship with us. The next part of the book looks at God as the Master Jeweler who takes us, his rough gemstones and polishes us and refines us.
Q:  You have a section in your book dedicated to gemstones
A:  Yes. As I considered how we are each unique with our own unique skills and personality traits, I began to see how we are like certain gemstones and every gemstone has its own flaws and inclusions. One section of the book talks about certain gemstones, gives a bit of their history. Readers can have fun identifying the ones they are most like based on their personality, etc.  I also created a Treasure Seeker jewelry line and have designed necklaces and earrings based on these particular gemstones. Those who purchase my book can also order these handmade—for a 10% discount when they purchase my book.

Q:  What do you hope women will learn from this book?
A:  Most of all how important it is to stay in a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father. When we yield to him He will refine and develop us into the gemstone we are meant to be. I also want them to learn they are valued and that they can help others find value and worth as well.

Q:  What is the exact book title and where can people purchase it?
A:  It is called The Treasure Seeker: Finding Love and Value in the Arms of Your Loving Heavenly Father.  It comes in paperback or Kindle and is available on Amazon and through my website and most bookstores. Some of the book’s unique accompaniments include:          
  • Intriguing and exciting Treasure stories
  • Treasure and gemstone trivia
  • Points to ponder at the end of each chapter
  • A chapter devoted to helping you understand your personality strengths and quirks and discover which gemstone you are most like
  •  Inspirational quotes and stories
  • Spiritual gifts questionnaire
  • A strong Biblical foundation
  • A Treasure Seeker jewelry line designed by the author which ties into the book.  Purchase the book and provide proof of purchase an you will receive a 10% discount on this beautiful jewelry

On Tuesday, January 8th ONLY, Teena has a special limited time offer regarding the Treasure Seeker. Purchase the book on Amazon on Tuesday, January 8th and you’ll receive free ebooks and a chance to win a hand-made pearl necklace and other free books!  Here’s the link!

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