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Friday, January 18, 2013

What Quirky Creative Habits Do You Have?

I just found a fun article on 99U entitled "Why Creative People Need to be Eccentric" and it lists some quirky habits of famous artists and writers.  I must say I feel validated as I often feel like a square peg. Nice to know I'm not alone. Here's the link.

And no, I don't work in my birthday suit.

I'd love to hear back from some of you. Do you have any odd habits that help keep your creative juices flowing? It can be anything from art, writing, music or anything else.

My job requires that I sit in front of the computer all day long and I have found that the longer I sit there, the more it drains my creativity.  So, it's really important for me to "fast" if at all possible, from the computer and electronic devices on the weekends and so something with my hands.

I also have to work in physical piles and folders because my ideas and organization comes in snatches. If my desk gets too cluttered, it makes me hyperventilate and I can't do my work at all. So I put the ideas into topical folders.


  1. Absolutely crazy! I guess we all are somehow. I really think it's because creative people--whatever they do--think on a different level. You can call it right-brained, in the clouds, or quirky, but it all amounts to the same thing. Creative people actually perceive life in a different way. So you see, it's not really US that are crazy; it's the rest of the world! :o)

  2. LOL. I guess that's one way of looking at it. When I read about some of these people I don't feel like such a square peg.