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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review-- Indie Author Book Marketing Success

This book, compiled by Shelly Hitz and Heather Hart, of gathers together an assortment of independent book authors and marketers who have expertise in the area of book promotion for the independently published author.

The book contains 14 chapters, each written by a different individual.  I have read numerous articles and materials on book marketing but still learned some valuable information from these guest writers. Most impressive was the fact that there was little to no duplication of material and the subject covered everything from Search Engine Optimization to paid advertising. Though at times if feels like drinking water from a fire hose, there is so much information, readers would do best to choose what they have time to do and decide what works best for them.

If you are marketing your own books or plan to market books for others, this book is well worth the money and will help you gain an edge.  It's currently being offered on Amazon for 99 cents in Kindle format.  Here's the link Indie-Author-Marketing-Success


  1. Thanks for your take on this book. I'll need to get a copy!

  2. Great Robin. I hope you find it beneficial.

  3. Thanks for posting a review of our newest book, Teena! We're so glad you enjoyed it.