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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Women's Distorted View of Their Worth and Beauty

I think most women distort their value and worth because so much emphasis is placed on outward appearance today.  For a recent ad campaign, Dove brought in an FBI-trained forensic artist to sketch selected women based on what they felt they looked like. Then he compared the drawings with sketches he had done of them based on observations of others who had observed them and given a description of them to the artist. Often the women disparaged themselves when describing themselves. It was as if they were describing themselves as moths while others around them saw them as lovely butterflies.

The Huffington Post wrote an article about the ad and the insight is interesting. It says volumes about how women perceive themselves.You can check it out along with the video here at the Huffington Post.

After watching this video, I couldn't help but see a parallel between my book, The Treasure Seeker, which is written for women who are spiritually seeking and for women who wish to grow spiritually, and what the Dove video addresses. We are much more beautiful and valuable than we think we are. There is another who sees us very differently and in a much more beautiful light. Where Dove's emphasis is on the outward, The Treasure Seeker addresses the fact that it is God who recognizes and values our inner beauty and will bring it to the next level, if we allow him to.

I invite you to leave a comment regarding how you see yourself and how you feel God sees you.

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