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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Review: Cycles of Salvation

Ulrich Utiger the author believes that all history of salvation as transmitted by the Bible reveals its through cyclical recurrences. It's almost as if a single author is responsible for penning all of its books. These cycles generally have four phases: initial peace, sin, judgment, and a return to peace. The history of the Jewish people exemplifies this. Awareness of these patterns helps us understand the past, present and future of salvation. It may seem that science and faith cannot agree but
if we can understand this cyclical concept it can explain mysteries
and discrepancies.

For instance, Creationism and Evolution seem to be at odds. Utiger delves into explaining a more in-depth understanding of the creation accounts, including the interpretation of the meaning of the Hebrew language in which is was written. This deeper understanding closes the gap on contradictions
Utiger goes into painstaking detail and has a firm understanding of science, physics as well as knowledge of the scriptures. He presents a logical argument. This book would probably be best suited more to scholastic types, especially those with a passion for science. It might be a bit of an intellectual stretch for the average lay person who may feel as though they are reaching on tip toe for something on the top shelf. But if you like an intellectual challenge, this is a good choice.

Well written, and well argued. I give this five out of five stars.

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