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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Treasure Seeker by Teena Stewart

Book excerpt from  The Treasure Seeker

I, too, have struggled to believe in my own value, at times reaching points of despair because I have bought into the lies. But over time, God began to speak to me through His Word. His message of love—rich and deep—is twofold. It depicts us, His children, as something lost and very valuable. It also shows us a relationship with Jesus, our loving Father’s only Son, as a great treasure to be had.

This message is of great importance to God—so important, in fact, that He repeats it several times, in several ways. He deeply longs for us to come into close, loving relationship with Him so that we might not only be cherished but also cherish Him.

The Treasure Seeker is a book of discovery, a sort of treasure hunt, which helps us to recognize these truths. You can use it for your own solitary spiritual journey or as a small group study tool.

For more information-- The Treasure Seeker

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