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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review : The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans

Eliana, a young American woman married an Italian and now lives in Italy villa surrounded by the family's vineyard. They have a young son with severe asthma and the marriage is an unhappy one. Eliana's husband is constantly traveling and is unfaithful, showing little respect to Eliana and even less attention to their little boy. With little hope of happiness, she knows that leaving her husband. He has threatened to take away her son should she divorce him. Just when it seems that Eliana is doomed to live the rest of her life in isolation and misery, she meets another American, Ross Story and the two are drawn together by their love or art. But Ross, a wounded spirit, has his own personal misery and secrets Eliana knows nothing about.

The author's familiarity and knowledge of Italy makes this an enchanting and captivating setting as we learn more about Italian lifestyle and culture. Eliana is an exotic and enticing creative. An enjoyable read. I give it four out of five stars.



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