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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review: Saving Baby by JoAnne Normile and Lawrence Lindner

JoAnne Normile loved horses all her life but was never able to own any until she had a well-established family of her own. Then with two horses of her own, she increased her herd to include two race horses. Baby (Reel Surprise), saved by Normile from certain death during birthing and Scarlett, a filly descended from Triple Crown winner Secretariat, was added to her horse family.

With no previous experience in racing, but determined to make a go of it, Normile immersed herself in the racing world but was stunned to learn about the harsh treatment of most thoroughbreds, the deplorable conditions of the track and management, and the tragic end that many of these horses face. It took the death of her beloved horse Baby,  who became yet another victim, to propel Normile into action.

Normile launched CANTER, a non-profit rescue organization which places thoroughbreds with new owners. She has also spoken been an advisor to senators, congressmen, filmmakers, legal firms, and humane organizations regarding the condition and treatment of race horses.

If you are horse lover or a fan of horse racing, you won’t want to miss this book. I give if four out of five stars.

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