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Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Review: Here Lies Buried by Cathy Ann Rogers

After the death of her beloved grandfather, and with no immediate surviving family members, Pilar Sagasta decides to travel from Cincinati  to Arizona to look up some distant relatives in hopes of forging new family relationships. Upon her arrival she’s met with hostility by the same and she soon realizes why her grandfather had distanced himself from them.

They are decidedly unfriendly and vicious to her and to one another and beneath their black fa├žade lies an even blacker secret.  They are all related to a notorious band of bank robbers and murderers from years past and someone is sitting on a pile of loot.  With no love for one another and a new stranger in their midst, the situation is ripe for murder and intrigue and bad stuff begins to happen quickly.

A multitude of characters introduced at the beginning of this story made it difficult for me to follow who was whom. All have a part to play. I suggest that if you read this book, you jot down notes regarding the characters, who they are and where they fall on the family tree so you can follow the trail of intrigue. I found that on occasion the book could have used a little bit better editing. I particularly enjoyed the originality of the plot and the bits of history woven in and Pilar’s character is one I warmed to. This kept me turning pages as I wanted to find out whodunit and where the money would end up. I also liked how Rogers wove in historical facts. I give this four out of five stars. This is the first in a series. 

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