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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Review—The Last to Know by Melissa Hill

This women’s fiction book centers on three women whose lives intertwine as they look for happiness in love. Anna is engaged but can’t seem to set a date and then she finds out she’s pregnant.  Eve has lived with Liam for years and has children by him but isn’t married. All she wants is to be loved by Liam, be his wife and raise his children. Sam is a successful author whose boyfriend has just proposed.  Then there’s Brooke, a book editor, reads a manuscript about these women submitted to her via an unknown sources. What is it that ties them all together.

The two most compelling characters are Sam and Eve, who are sisters. I had a difficult time with the author’s introduction of Brooke. Those segments seemed stop the action and I couldn’t understand what they had to do with the tale the author was spinning. I also felt that those sections were rather clumsily written. Brooke gushed about what an excellent manuscript and story she was screening, which created an awkwardness of the the real author, Hill, bragging on her own story which, in my opinion wasn’t as riveting as Brooke seemed to think. (Confused?  You’ll have to read the book.)

I expected this to be a love story but it takes a twist about ¾ of the way through and suddenly the story goes off in a completely different direction. I won’t spoil the surprise but it all comes together at the end. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. 

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