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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review: The Heart of Thornton Creek by Bonnie Leon

I expected yet another romance lacking originality but Leon took this Christian historical  in another direction. When independent-minded Rebecca Williams is left without any prospects or means to support herself after her father dies, she has few prospects. Despite the fact that she doesn’t love him, she agrees to marry a young Australian, Daniel Thornton.

The Bostonian tries to mentally prepare herself for life in Australia but the reality of the stark landscape and culture broadside her. The Thornton’s are renown in the area and have vast holdings. Rebecca soon realizes the influence of her father-in-law, a professing Christian has. He enjoys a tyrannical rule in the local church and over  his family. Her independent nature and self-righteous father-in-law’s determination to rule over her, his family and anyone in his sphere puts them on a collision course. Leon creates even more conflict with an ex-girlfriend who still has designs on Daniel.

Leon creates good tension among the characters and in Rebecca’s marriage. I didn’t feel the Australian accents felt authentic though I can’t precisely say why. Despite that, It’s a good story that shows the extreme difference between following the letter of the biblical law to the letter and living by grace. I give it four out of five stars.

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