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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Michael Minot, a lawyer, is a former atheist who now follows Christ. The Beckoning is not only his story regarding how his beliefs changed but an orderly and methodical account of how the methods he applied to find authentication and proof of God’s validity as he conducted research of the scriptures.

While still single, Minot was challenged by a Christian friend to set aside time to once and for all study the Bible and decide for himself whether it held real truths or was the fabrication of people who  want to believe God is real.  Minot determined to keep an open mind and remain as objective as possible. He not only looked at scripture but at science. What transpired is reminiscent of how newspaper journalist Lee Strobel set out to prove the Bible was bunk. Both Stroble, author of A Case for Christ, and Minot, not only ended up believing but dedicating their lives to following Christ and his teachings.

Minot’s 13 chapter book divides his research into categories. Topics covered include his findings on such matters as intelligent design related to the cosmos and the body. He also covers the authentication of prophecies and even counterfeit messengers (those claiming to know Christ but acting counter to Christ’s teachings.) Chapters I enjoyed the most include those on intelligent design and his candid discussion of counterfeit Christians. His findings and experiences in that chapter took me by surprise as he ended up finding church fellowship in a very conventional setting of a Baptist church. The author also discusses the education of pain, sharing how the early loss of three close friends and his young son to death, caused him to use an argument many atheists use; how can a caring God, if he really exists, let such bad things happen?

Minot’s book is logical and well written. Though I didn’t quite find the wow factor I had expected, the book provides insight into why atheists think the way they do. It also exhibits logic useful for discussion with those who might be spiritually seeking or open to dialogue about God’s existence. I give it four out of five stars.   

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The Beckoning: Examining the Truths That Transformed an Atheist Attorney Into a Believer In God (Morgan James Faith)

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