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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


A sensitive coming of age story of Malcom Wilson who is shuttled between divorced parents. He lives part of his time in Canada with his promiscuous mother and the other half in Scotland with his hard working, tough father.

Along the way Wilson learns how to survive and make the best of his situation no matter how hard and also what it means to experience kindness from strangers and the importance of standing up for and caring for those who are mistreated.

As an adult finally choosing to make his home in Canada, Malcom meets Heather, a girl who will change his life forever. But she has a secret, an abusive childhood and a child she gave away. The story moves from literary fiction almost to thriller status as things rev up and Malcom returns to Heather’s home town to try to help her reclaim her child and stand up against an abusive father who happens to be a cop.

If you read this story without becoming a fan of Malcom and an advocate for the mistreated, I will be very surprised. I give it a rare five our of five stars.

Here's the link My Temporary Life

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