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Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is my first introduction to Desmond Cory and his British Intelligence man Johnny Fedora. Cory is known for these spy novels among other written works. The first Fedora novel made its debut in 1951  and the character actually predates the first James Bond book by about three years I believe. I have never read a James Bond novel but have watched the movies and enjoy them. I can say the same for my first Johnny Fedora book. Half Spanish and half Irish Fedora is a professional who is both attractive to women but also attracted to beautiful and exotic women as well but he is also a hardened by his job and past experiences (even being captured and tortured) and he is a lethal weapon. He’s also an accomplished pianist.

He and foreign office sidekick Sebastian Trout cool their heels at Mediterranean villa just to relax . By coincidence it happens to be the exact location that Moreno a professional psychopathic KGB assassin is bound for in order to retrieve hidden “spyglass logbooks” which hold political secrets and lead to a sunken German U-boat. Fedora and Trout  are drawn into the intrigue when they find a headless body in their pool. Fedora eventually ends up diving to get to the U-boat and of course Mareno is there ahead of him. The underwater scenes are very cool. I only wish that scene  lasted a bit longer.  Good story and writing. So glad I am now acquainted Cory and his man Fedora. If you are a fan of Ian Fleming, the author of the Bond novels, you are sure to enjoy Desmond’s Cory’s Johnny Fedora series as well. I give if five stars.  The books are being re-released by Ostara Publishing.

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