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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Swept Away (Trouble in texas Book 1) by Mary Connealy

Ruthy MacNeil is rescued by Luke Stone after she nearly drowns fording a flooded river with a wagon train. Her step family doesn’t survive and she is finally free of their mistreatment. Luke surived the horrific ordeal as a prisoner of war in notorious Anderson prison during the civil war, only to learn that his father has been killed and the family ranch stolen.

With the help of his friends, also survivors of Anderson and known as the Regulators, Luke plots to take back the ranch at the same time rescuing the woman who is the wife of the man who murdered his father. Luke is immediately smitten with Ruthy and it doesn’t take long for her to feel drawn to him. I loved the way Luke dubs Ruthy “Rosie” as an endearment and throughout the book she keeps correcting him to no avail for some good comic relief. I also like Luke’s friends, especially the doctor, Dare (love that name).

The beginning of the book really held my interest but the story seemed to drag a bit in the middle as the friends plotted how they would help Luke take back the ranch. Connealy set the plot up well for the next book in the series but the book is complete, unlike some series, and doesn’t leave you hanging. I give this four out of five stars.

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